Tim Green
Chitown (Remix)

Written and Produced by Tim Green (True Melody Music)
I was inspired to compose this song entitled “Chitown" for my wife after we had been married for about 6 months. This is a representation of art reflecting life based on all of the romantic feelings and love that were floating in the air as newlyweds. My wife, Anoa Green, went to school in Chicago at North Western University. We were high school sweethearts but lost contact after moving to different cities for college. While living in New York I kept our senior prom picture close as I would look to that in hopes to be reunited one day. “Chitown” was a nickname that I used for her while she lived in Chicago and that name became the song title as I searched for something endearing to name this song.
Throughout this project you will see the progression of this song . I recorded it for my album, Songs From This Season, with a "jazz ballad" groove. After preforming the song live, different drummers started to changing the groove/beat of the song . Afterwhile, "Chitown" became a hip hop/neo-soul hit within my circle of people and audience.When my friend and drummer Quincy Phillips added a hiphop groove, it started to become something really special. I had to add rappers to tell the story of my wife and I. Thus, you have the video explaining our story of love and relationship.